As a city councilman for District C I will represent your interests and concerns. I’m extremely hard working and have based my career on elevating the voices of our community.

Our nation and city is at a crossroads. We need people that will bring everyone together - not further polarize Houston. We need new ideas and we need everyone to work together to make sure everyone can “BE SOMEONE” in our great city.

Reduce Traffic

As the fourth largest city that continues to grow quickly, we need to be more thoughtful about our traffic patterns and mass transportation system. No one deserves to sit in over an hour of traffic to get to their place of business or home. Many residents that live in District C, work outside the District, and vice versa. Instead of accepting overwhelming traffic as “status quo”, we need to think towards the future and begin planning for efficient traffic management systems that will help Houston become smarter about our traffic patterns. Safety for cyclists and eliminating potholes is simply a given!

Flood Prevention

Hundreds of thousands of Houstonians and District C residents were traumatized and made homeless due to Houston’s flooding. Many Houstonians continue to suffer the far reaching and devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, the Tax Day flooding, and the Memorial Day flooding. In this world class city, home should feel like your safe place. People shouldn’t have to move their cars or precious belongings at every hint of torrential rain. Tropical systems and heavy downpours are a reality for our city. We have not seen our last storm. We should focus on the variables we can control. These variables include improving drainage systems and developing a system for keeping drainage areas clean so they can do their job. Also it’s important that we make developers (and the city) accountable for developing areas that are known and prone to flooding.

Fiscal Responsibility & Transparency

With my nonprofit and MBA background, I know how to stretch a dollar. We need to make efficient use of the resources we have and use transparency in the city contracts process. Taxpayers deserve to know where and how their money has been spent and that it’s been spent properly. We need to invest in the aspects of infrastructure and systems that will provide us the greatest return on our investment such as our streets, safety, and building a better city for our children. We cannot afford to spend money we do not have. We need a zero based budget.

Community Building & Infrastructure

We need to ensure our neighborhoods connect with each other so we can become efficient with new initiatives. Creating the proper infrastructure to support optimal quality of life for Houstonians.

We live in the best city and we deserve to enjoy efficient use of basic services such as timely and competent recycling and trash pick up. We should also reimagine our community gathering spaces. Spaces such as libraries, parks, and other public spaces need to be used to their full potential. We cannot allow these great resources to deteriorate.